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According to the American Association of  Endodontists (AAE), there are popular misconceptions people may have regarding root canal therapy. Unfortunately, these patients may make decisions about their health care based on this incomplete or inaccurate information. Below are some common myths that you may have heard about root canal treatment. 

Myth 1: Root canal treatment is painful. 

In reality, the only pain that is generally  

associated with root canal therapy is caused by the underlying reason for the treatment – tooth  decay or infected or diseased tissue. The root canal treatment removes this damaged tissue  from the tooth, relieving the pain in the process. 

Myth 2: Root canal treatment can spread infection. 

In fact, root canal therapy has been proven to have a much lower incidence of bacteria entering  the bloodstream than tooth extraction and causes much less discomfort for the patient. Recent  research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has also found  that patients who have had multiple endodontic treatments have a 45% lower risk of cancer  than patients who have not. 

Myth 3: It’s better to just extract problem teeth. 

By saving the natural tooth whenever possible, doctors and patients avoid the need for further,  more costly treatment. Root canal treatment has a very high success rate and can often allow  the natural tooth to last a lifetime. 

If you still experience anxiety about the prospect of root canal treatment, there is another  option you may consider. Our team is pleased to offer sedation dentistry. Whether you have  sensitive teeth that make treatment difficult, prohibitive anxiety that keeps you out of the  dental chair, or multiple treatments that need to be done in one sitting, sedation dentistry can  remove the worry from dental care. 

Don’t let dental anxiety prevent you from receiving the quality care you deserve. Our qualified  team is fully certified to offer sedation dentistry. Turn a potentially stressful trip to the dentist  into a relaxing experience while receiving the care you need. To learn more about our sedation  offerings, contact our dental team today!

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