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Following root canal therapy with our esteemed Endodontist in Egg Harbor Township, you may receive a temporary crown over the treated tooth until the permanent crown is custom-crafted. While some patients may want to finish the process quickly, others may wonder about the temporary crown’s durability, hesitating to return for more dental work.

The duration of the temporary crown varies. Typically, the permanent crown is installed within a few weeks to a month after the procedure, allowing for adequate healing and fabrication time. However, if additional dental procedures are recommended, the final crown placement may be delayed.

Prolonged wear of the temporary crown can lead to tooth shifting and changes in occlusion. Our team will advise on the appropriate duration based on its placement and your oral habits.

Remember, it’s not advisable to extend the lifespan of your temporary crown beyond the recommended timeframe. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to Elite Endodontics of Egg Harbor.

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